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Gwen Dunn

Gwen Dunne

Elder: Building & Grounds

Bob Spangler

Bob Spangler

Elder: Worship

Rev. Michael Roberts

Michael Roberts

Elder: Online Outreach

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Deb Pearson

Elder: MIssion

I greatly desire to share the hope and confidence of our Lord Christ Jesus.  As the elder for Online Outreach, I am given the opportunity to share this hope and confidence.  Though not classically trained in either film or graphic arts, I've educated myself by watching several hours of YouTube videos. 

I was born and raised in Florida with Christian Family (Baptist). I always felt God’s presence in
my life and have been blessed by my faith. We joined Cityview Community Church, a Presbyterian fellowship, when we moved to Lompoc.  I loved the people and the church facility (Church on the hill overlooking Lompoc). Now as Elder I take care of those lovely people and the Building and Grounds, not alone, as we have many volunteers that help me.

Come join us we would love to see you.

I’m a native-born Californian who moved to Lompoc twenty years ago. We have found this community to be a great place to live and raise children. I accepted our Lord’s call later in life. It was after my wife and I suffered a terrible tragedy and we sought answers. After much searching, I eventually learned that Jesus uses tragedies to His good purposes, which in my case included accepting his call in my life. As the Worship Committee chair, I strive to help provide a meaningful experience for the congregation and support others in their own search for meaning.


Steve Dunne

Elder: Personnel

My name is Steve Dunne. I was born into a Christian family in which I happily worshiped the Lord. I went away to college and lost my discipline, but not my Faith. I did not reclaim disciplined worship until I started attending Cityview Community Church, a Reformed & Presbyterian Church.

For the first time I began to read John Calvin’s Institutes. Reading Calvin has given me a
deeper and richer understanding of the Bible than I ever had before.