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Our Opportunity: Living for Christ Here & Now


There’s a creative tension in the Christian life. The tension is to live in the world and for the world without being defined by the world, but rather by Jesus Christ and his Word. We can swing to different extremes; if we’re too optimistic about the world, we allow ourselves to be pushed into its mold and we lose our Christian identity. That is happening to many people in churches today. They can no longer perceive that which is distinctive about the Christian world view. But if we grow too pessimistic about the world, we forget that Jesus is the Savior who loves the world, and that he wants us to share in his mission to it.

There is no lack of evidence that our world is dark and lost apart from God who is its Creator and Lord. We only need contemplate the art, music, media, or politics of our culture; though we find there evidence of the longing for the divine, and even of God's presence, we cannot escape the impression that something is drastically wrong. We see indications of sin, evil, depravity, and nothingness. But if we have eyes to see what the Lord is doing in the world, our perspective changes. All is not lost. Far from it! God is saving the world and bringing people int

o his family through the finished work of Jesus in his death and resurrection and through the ongoing ministry of the Holy Spirit.

God's grace is seen in that he calls us into life, into covenant partnership with him, and in that he gives us an ongoing work to do in the world. This is our vocation in the place God has put us. So let us work, create, and invest for the good of the city as we look forward to our work's completion and confirmation in the revealing of Jesus Christ.

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