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New Life Through Jesus, the Lamb of God

Yesterday we came to the high point of the Christian year, the celebration of the Lord’s resurrection from the dead. The English word “Easter” comes from an ancient name for the spring equinox, but in French, the word for Easter is “Pâques.” That word comes from the Hebrew name for the Passover, Pesach, from which we get the adjective “paschal.” That makes sense, because Jesus taught that his death and resurrection fulfill the Jewish Passover, represented for us in the Lord’s Supper. The gospels tell us that Jesus gathered his followers to share a Passover meal together before his arrest and crucifixion. John’s Gospel explains that Jesus was killed at the very time of the slaughter of the Passover lambs, which is his way of making the theological point that Jesus is “the Lamb of God who takes away the sins of the world” (John 1:29). Every time we gather at the Lord’s Table, we remember the historical event of the cross and of Easter, and that’s reason for joy. I love Easter because it shows us so powerfully that God brings life out of death. Sometimes in our lives we can feel that “Nothing good could come out of this!” It's at just such times when God can bring in fresh beginnings and new life. Look at all the times in the Bible when he gives a miracle child to a barren woman, or when he saves his weak and helpless people from an overwhelming enemy. The greatest enemy is death itself, and God has triumphed over it once for all. What could be a greater sign of his goodness, power, and love than the empty tomb of Easter morning? As we reflect on Easter Sunday, let’s ask God to roll back the stone of our lives to let his sunshine in.

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